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The concierge service for commuters! 


Commuting is your way of life…

Train rides are long and boring, even when you are prepared with a book or work to do.

Why not make the best of it?


Meetings, theatre tickets, dinner recommendations and reservations, engagements & weddings, jewelry, hotel rooms, sports tickets, corporate or personal gifts….. 




Jewelry sethotel stay

Sportsgift basket

Make plans while on your way to and from work!

Planning a for business or social can be daunting!

Having a concierge team on call to help with ideas and to handle the details would be wonderful wouldn’t it?


Groups or Individuals

Business or Leisure

Chicago or other cities


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$10 per request – 2-4 phone calls/emails

  • Secure hotel rooms in major cities
  • Procure seats to entertainment (music, sports, theatre, etc.)
  • Arrange a table at your favorite restaurant, local or worldwide
  • Send beautiful floral and gift basket arrangements, anywhere in the world
  • Get you to your destination on time by limousine

$20 per request – 4-8 phone calls/emails

  • Locate last minute A/V equipment and meeting equipment rentals (projector, screen, etc.)
  • Last minute gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions
  • Arrange for beauty and leisure (massage, facial, manicure, haircut, spa treatments)
  • Organize customized corporate gifts (wrapping and delivery)

$15 per hour – 8+ phone calls/emails

  • Research destination ideas for corporate or leisure travel (tourist attraction, concert, theatre ticketing, destination information, etc.)
  • Suggest creative ideas for private/corporate holiday events & plan (sites, music, cuisine, etc.)
  • Provide cultural information such as museums, art exhibits and special events
  • Plan employee appreciation and team building events and outings
  • Arrange long term corporate housing
  • Plan your corporate dinners, meetings and special functions


  • Anything outside of this list would be priced and agreed upon by both you and your concierge!


We accept: Visa MC, AX and Discover

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